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Smart lighting design for home

公区1_proc.jpgHome smart lighting is a technology that uses an intelligent lighting system 

to control home lighting. Such systems can control the switch, brightness, 

color and other parameters of lighting equipment through smartphones, 

tablets, voice assistants and other devices.

The advantages of home smart lighting include energy saving, convenience, 

personalization, etc. Through the intelligent lighting system, users can freely 

adjust the brightness and color of the lighting equipment according to 

different needs and scenes to achieve the best lighting effect. In addition, the 

intelligent lighting system can also automatically adjust the lighting equipment 

according to the light intensity, human activity trajectory, time and other 

parameters to achieve intelligent control, reduce energy consumption and 

improve the use efficiency.

Application scenarios of home smart lighting include bedrooms, living rooms, 

kitchens, bathrooms, etc. Users can control the light switch, brightness and 

color through the smartphone or voice assistant, as well as set the scene mode, 

such as "reading mode", "party mode", "sleep mode", etc., to meet different 

needs and scenes.

The smart lighting design of the three-winged bird home is committed to 

providing users with a more intelligent, comfortable and efficient lighting 




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