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The industrial layout of Dengdu Ancient Town was updated

"China's Lighting Capital" Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City has a new breakthrough in the industrial strategic layout of "one specialty and multiple capabilities".


On the morning of July 6, Guzhen Town held a signing ceremony for key projects in 2023. Chen Liubin, full-time deputy director of the Agricultural Office of the 

Zhongshan Municipal Party Committee, Luo Huiling, member of the party group and deputy director of the Zhongshan Investment Promotion Bureau, Chen Silang,

full-time deputy secretary of the Zhongshan Municipal Bureau of Commerce and a fourth-level researcher, Kuang Zhi, secretary of the Party Committee of Guzhen 

Town, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and mayor of Guzhen Town Ruan Zhili, town leaders Zhuo Shuixian, Wen Qinghua, Wu Guosen, Zhou Jintian, Liang 

Zhihua, and Liang Qiuhao participated.

A total of 9 major investment projects and 1 financial cooperation project were signed this time, not only involving the lighting industry, but also new business 

projects in multiple fields such as biomedicine, new generation information technology, and new energy, covering primary, secondary, and tertiary industries, The 

total investment is nearly 8 billion yuan, and the land demand exceeds 900 mu. It is estimated that the annual output value will be about 20 billion yuan.

Kuang Zhi, Secretary of the Party Committee of Guzhen Town, said that the signing ceremony of this key project is a demonstration of Guzhen's bold "going out" 

and precise "bringing in" this year. important measures. The signing and landing of these high-quality projects will promote the further optimization and upgrading

of the industrial structure of the ancient town.

Strategic Emerging Projects Inspire New Vitality in Ancient Towns

It is understood that among the 9 major investment projects signed by Guzhen Township, 5 are industrial projects, including the Metaverse Lighting Industrial Park,

the biological detection and medical project, the fan lamp intelligent manufacturing park, the LED application lighting product R & D and production base, and the

pilot group project .

Weixin Image_20230730115508.jpg

1. The Metaverse Lighting Industrial Park project will build the first value park in China for global ecological construction of lighting, and a demonstration base for 

integrated application of culture and tourism in Guangdong Metaverse, leading the innovation and development of digital lighting effect technology, and 

empowering the transformation and upgrading of the traditional lighting industry in ancient towns;

2. The biological detection medicine project is aimed at the pharmaceutical market for cancer and tumor prevention and treatment, to create an industrial foundation

platform integrating medical technology, medicine, and drugs, and to build a pharmaceutical service and management system;

3. The fan light intelligent manufacturing park project plans to build a modern intelligent manufacturing production base around advanced technology and first-class 

management of energy-saving ceiling fans, intelligent ceiling fans, sterilization ceiling fans and other products, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading to 

the direction of digital intelligence;

4. The R&D and production project of LED application lighting products will be established in Guzhen to establish a production base integrating intelligent manufacturing 

center, R&D testing innovation center and brand marketing display center.

Zhao Leilei, CEO of Pioneer Group, said at the signing ceremony that the company will solve the development resistance caused by factors such as the conversion of 

new and old kinetic energy and the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries through comprehensive, systematic and digital technological empowerment 

of the lighting industry in Guzhen, and stimulate new developments in the lighting industry. vitality.

In addition to industrial projects, there are also three commercial projects, the National Energy Storage Project, Xinji Project, and World Import and Export Project, 

and the Huazhiyun Huayu World Ecological Industrial Park project was also signed on the same day.

Weixin Image_20230730115508_1.jpg

Guzhen Town Party Committee Member and Deputy Mayor Zhou Jintian and

3 commercial projects signed

Weixin Image_20230730115508_2.jpg

Liang Zhihua, deputy mayor of Guzhen Town, representatives of Haizhou Village and

Rhyme of Flowers Flower Language World Eco-Industrial Park Project Signing

Among them, the Huazhiyun Huayu World Ecological Industrial Park project is based on the local resource advantages of ancient towns such as Dengdu Bonsai Garden 

and Haizhou Green Expo Park. Engineering demonstration project, a modern agricultural industry demonstration site integrating production, display, sales, tourism 

and operation of the entire industrial chain.

Ten billion credits provide personalized financing for local SMEs

Weixin Image_20230730115509.jpg

Ruan Zhili, deputy secretary of the party committee and mayor of Guzhen Town

CCB signed a credit agreement of RMB 10 billion

At the meeting, Ruan Zhili, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Guzhen Town and mayor of Guzhen Town, signed a 10 billion yuan credit strategic cooperation agreement with Zhongshan Branch of China Construction Bank on behalf of the People's Government of Guzhen Town. The credit line can be used for infrastructure, 

medical education, and strategic emerging industries within the jurisdiction of Guzhen Town Development and other key projects. Local small and medium-sized high-

quality enterprises in Guzhen will receive personalized financing plans and credit concessions to solve the major problem of capital turnover in the transformation 

and upgrading of enterprises.

In recent years, Guzhen has continued to improve the "Guzhen Town's Measures on Further Promoting High-quality Economic Development Support and Incentives" 

and "Guzhen Town Industrial Intended Land Supply Project Access Guidelines", actively planning policies for collective factory buildings and collective industrial land 

to benefit enterprises, and boosting corporate transformation Upgrade and continuously optimize the industrial structure; build a set of service mechanisms, create 

an "offline and online" service platform, and implement a full-process assistant agency service model; The spirit of "Express Brother" solves problems for enterprises 

and does practical things.

This batch of contracted projects has a high degree of fit with the development strategy of the ancient town and has strong driving benefits. It will become a vivid 

epitome of high-level investment promotion and high-quality economic development. Kuang Zhi continued, "We have special personnel to follow up and coordinate 

all the contracted projects, and provide all-round escort for the project construction in a timely, considerate and personal manner, so as to promote the project to be 

implemented and put into operation as soon as possible. In the new round of industrial innovation and high-tech In the process of quality development, the ancient 

town will contain unlimited business opportunities and huge potential, and we sincerely invite entrepreneurs to invest in the ancient town and work together to create 

a new brilliance for the city of lights.”

News source: Southern Plus, Dengdu Ancient Town



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