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Malaysia International Hotel Supplies & Catering Expo


Malaysia International Hotel and Catering Expo

In 2023, the International Hotel and Catering Expo (HOTELEX) team under Informa Markets will join forces with the Food and Hotel Malaysia (FHM) team to hold 

the HOTELEX Malaysia at the same time. ), helping domestic suppliers and professional buyers to connect with the industry and make full preparations for their 

return to business.

Food & Hotel Malaysia (FHM) brings together local and international leading players in the food and hospitality industry in Kuala Lumpur. The four-day event is 

expected to attract 1,500 participating brands and companies and 25,000 premium trade buyers. The event will focus on making new business connections and 

driving innovation in the food and hospitality world. The highly anticipated industry event spans 20,000 square meters across 10 halls.

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